5 Limitations Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms are Trying to Fix

Here are 5 common limitations many enterprise ecommerce platforms face and how they are improving the software for their users!

There are so many ecommerce platforms available for online store owners and businesses today. It sometimes can be difficult to choose the best one for your online store. While these ecommerce platforms usually offer different features, some of them are still having a few limitations that you want to know about while searching for the one to use for your online business. Do you want to allow your potential customers to buy items on their smartphone? Do you want to attract international buyers? These are a few of the many questions you need to ask yourself when searching for an ecommerce solution.

In this article, we will present to you 5 common limitations many enterprise ecommerce platforms face and how they are improving the software for their old and new users:

No international retail options

The truth is that we live in a global and connected marketplace meaning it is totally normal to assume that there are going to be potential customers from all over the world. Did you know that the global ecommerce sales increased by 25% and this number is expected to grow? However, not all enterprise ecommerce platforms can handle international retail. They may not offer multiple language options, different currency options, the ability to offer international shipping, and etc.

Poor product searches

There are so many ecommerce solutions that offer their own search engines. Some platforms aren’t able to handle SEO keywords or wrong misspelled words which results in no or a few results. All search engines should provide corrections for misspelled or unclear word choices. Another feature that platforms are trying to improve is their filtering capability within searches.

The website is not a mobile-friendly

So many consumers are moving from laptops to mobile phones when shopping online. The mobile sales are increasing each day and still, some ecommerce solutions lack software designed to play with smartphone devices. This can cause your site to load slowly or incorrectly on mobile phones. Sometimes it may not load at all. Luckily, some platforms are using software that operates smoothly for smartphone devices.

No or little custom options

Some enterprise ecommerce platforms come with a built website or a few templates to choose from. There is absolutely no option to customize your store. This may be enough for those who don’t have experience in website design, however, being able to customize your store is better for you and your brand. We recommend you to choose a platform that allows you to personalize your website. Read more on the benefits for your business of having a  a multi-channel platform with unmatched scalability.

Slow loading time

You need to remember one thing – the more complicated a platform – the slower it may take to load onto your new website. This can be a huge problem, especially if the platform you are currently using uses JavaScript or has installed many apps. The app developers try to reduce the load time of the ecommerce platform by redesigning it to work better. If you think that slow loading time will be a problem for you, you can ask the platform provider to show you a demonstration of the platform or allow you to use a free trial before you purchase.

Not all ecommerce websites are the same and that is why you shouldn’t choose the first one you find. When comparing enterprise ecommerce platforms, don’t forget to consider the needs of your online store, your budget, and your future goals. Even though the platforms work to improve their products and overcome the limitations we just discussed, if you need some features quickly, you need to be sure the platform you use offers them.


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