Selecting the best enterprise eCommerce platform

Even people that don’t have much experience in this field know that enterprise businesses have many options when they are looking for enterprise eCommerce platforms. This is not a surprise for those who are following the latest trends because the business is moving to the Internet. In case you want to start an online business venture for your enterprise-level business our advice is to use the best eCommerce platforms for large businesses. The good thing is that we’ve done some research and we can help you pick the right platform for you.

In the recent period, there are more and more users who are wondering whether they should use Demandware or Shopify Plus for this purpose. In this article, we will explain the differences between them.


Shopify Plus and Demandware (also known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud) are relying on cloud technology. Thanks to these cloud hosted solutions, online retailers can grow and expand their businesses without any hassles. As one of the leading enterprise eCommerce solutions, they both provide 99.97% uptime. When it comes to security and improvements in general, the update process is conducted automatically. There’s no need for user involvement in this process.

Applications and integrations

As some of you may have already guessed, both Shopify Plus and Demandware are providing the basic feature found in modern platforms of this kind. They have also developed many apps that can improve website functionality. For example, Shopify Plus comes with almost 2500 apps and extensions available to all users. Demandware has slightly fewer apps, but they have developed relations with many tech partners which make integrations smoother.


Demandware is one of the rare eCommerce platforms that require long contracts which last at least three years. There’s a predetermined fee for those who want to end the contract prematurely. Shopify Plus is offering a 1-year contract. Another thing that’s different is that Shopify Plus takes fixed fees while Demandware uses a shared success model.

What we can conclude from this comparison is that both Shopify Plus and Demandware are excellent enterprise eCommerce platforms. However, if you are a user that thinks about the budget than Demandware is probably not the best choice. Their fees are very high and that’s why they have some of the biggest brands as users. Shopify Plus is a user-friendly solution that comes with much smaller fees and more apps.

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