Choosing The Enterprise E-Commerce System That's Best For You

What’s the difference between enterprise eCommerce platforms and open-source eCommerce solutions?

If you do some research you will probably notice that there are dozens of eCommerce platforms and software solutions out there. Another thing that you will probably figure out is that the majority of these solutions are trying to create a service that will fit businesses of all sizes. But, it turns out that this solution is bad for most users. There’s no need to pay for features that your business doesn’t need. In addition, in specific situations, companies need features that some platforms miss. That’s why we should categorize eCommerce platforms into a few categories including enterprise eCommerce platforms and open-source eCommerce solutions.

EnterpriseShopify  are designed for large online businesses. These businesses usually have hundreds or even thousands of transactions per month. In addition, they need space for growth and require a specific type of security. Needless to say, they also need many different features and options that can improve their functionality. Support and warranty are some of the most important things found in enterprise eCommerce platforms. Most of them are offering branding and design flexibility. Additionally, many of them offer simple management activities and aid for customization. They can also help you get features tailored to your specific needs.

Just like in the case of other eCommerce solutions, the price you will have to pay depends on the solution you’ve picked. For instance, Shopify Plus is an enterprise eCommerce platform that starts at $2000 per month. There are solutions that are offering one time payments like Comentum’s Enterprise edition. In any case, before you opt for any of these options it is crucial to analyze and find what you will get for the money. You must think about the return on investment when using this type of software.

On the other hand, you have a chance to use open source eCommerce platforms too. But, in this case, the platforms are designed with users that have experience and knowledge in mind. In other words, if you are using an open source platform you can’t expect to create an online store from scratch if you don’t know how to code or you don’t have any knowledge in web design. Of course, this is a much more affordable solution and in many cases the cost is minimal.

Now that you know the difference, it’s time to pick the best solution for your business.

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